WPEG is not actually a programming language; it is a file compression algorithm, far superior in all respects to any existing file compression algorithm.

Design Principles

Algorithm Description

Compression Algorithm

The compression program uploads your file to a web server, then gives the URL to http://tinyurl.com/ to provide a short URL linking to it. The part of the URL after "http://tinyurl.com/" is returned as the compressed file. This is an ASCII string.

Decompression Algorithm

Any web browser can decompress the compressed file, simply by entering "http://tinyurl.com/" followed by the compressed file into the address field. The browser retrieves the file from the server, decompressing the short ASCII string into the orignal file, with no loss of data.


To analyse the performance of the algorithm, several 100 GB test files were compressed using it. The algorithm returned compressed version of the files consisting of just 5 ASCII characters. Since this is 5 bytes, this represents a lossless compression ratio of slightly over 2×1011. With larger files, even better compression ratios can be expected.
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