DM and MM's New Zealand Trip Diary

Day 12 - Wellington to Sydney

Saturday, 15 March, 1997

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18:34. Home!

Well, here we are! We actually got here about 08:30... but let's backtrack to early this morning... really early...

We got up around 02:45 Wellington time and ate the last of out muesli for brekky. Then we got dressed and packed for the trip home. We wandered out to the road at 25 past three to wait for the airport shuttle we'd booked the night before. It pulled up just as we reached the road, so we hopped right in. The drive took about 20 minutes so we were at Wellington Airport about 03:45.

We waited until the check-in opened at 4, then checked the standby status. The woman there told us there were minus 5 seats available, so we wouldn't know if we got on to the flight until about 05:30 (flight time was 06:05). So we veged until then - checking out the souvenir shops for some kiwifruit chocolate and grabbing coffee for Michelle.

At 05:30 we returned to the check-in and were given boarding passes - though for separated seats - 7 rows apart. Oh well, better than not getting home at all! We went through the immigration and found the plane wasn't even boarding yet.

Eventually we got on. Michelle has a window near the front, me an aisle over the wing. Michelle watched the movie A Mirror Has Two Faces and ate a bread roll while I snoozed and had only an orange juice.

We landed at 07:30 Sydney time, cleared customs and were out soon after. Michelle's mum and dad were there to pick us up and brought us home. We told them lots about the trip on the drive, and ended up home by about 08:30.

Tired, exhausted, happy, and having had the first of our wonderful holidays together.

P.S. Michelle wanted to add notes on:

1. Clearing the x-ray machine at Wellington Airport, I asked for the film to be hand checked. Three security people spent a minute or two opening every one of the 14 film canisters to check them out...

2. Michelle saw a spectacular sunrise from the plane. All red and purple and pink and orange. I was dozing... so missed it.

Food and drink: $4.50.

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