DM and MM's Germany 2018 Diary

Day 11 - Dubai to Sydney

Monday, 8 October, 2018

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Written later

Much of the flight was rather bumpy with turbulence, but thankfully there was enough calm time to walk around and stretch the legs a bit.

The real problems only really began upon landing in Sydney, a few minutes after 07:00. It seems we hit at the same time as several other planes. The queues to use to the automated assport gates were longer than I think I've ever seen them before, and it took us several minutes to get through each of the steps. But fortunately we didn't have to wait for checked luggage, so skipped ahead of most of the people at customs. We declared the fruit and nuts baked into the lebkuchen that M. had bought in Limburg to give to people, and the inspector waved us through.

It was raining in Sydney. And there was about a ten minute queue for taxis. Oh, and it was Monday morning peak hour. What should have been an under 30 minute trip home took around an hour, as we battled traffic departing the airport and then on Southern Cross Drive and the Eastern Distributor.

Eventually we got home, somewhere around 09:00.

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