DM and MM's Germany 2018 Diary

Day 10 - Frankfurt to Dubai

Sunday, 7 October, 2018

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I spent most of the flight trying to doze, but failing to do so. My sore throat hurt a lot, and I sucked an antiseptic lolly we'd bought in Limburg. We didn't bother with our meals as we were full from dinner at the airport. We landed six and a bit hours later in Dubai, where the sun had just come up.

We had a three hour wait here. We passed through security again and into the terminal to find toilets and shops where M. got some banana bread as a snack, and a tube of Pringles for the flight. We rested tiredly until it was time to go again, heading to the gate for our ongoing flight to Sydney. We waited at the head of the economy queue to have boarding passes checked, and were first into the gate lounge area where you have to wait again before boarding. Again we waited near the front. After a while they boarded people in wheelchairs, then called for first, business, gold, and silver only to board. We flashed our boarding passes with my silver status marked, and got through, once again nearly first onto the plane! This time we didn't have exit row seats, alas.

The plane was late departing the gate, and then sat on the tarmac for quite some time before moving onto the runway to take off almost an hour late.

Climbing out of Dubai, the plane experienced some heavy turbulence, including a bump strong enough to lift us off our seats a little, but fortunately everyone still had their seat belts on.

The time now being late morning in Germany, I wasn't sleepy, so planned to stay awake for a while and then try to close my eyes for the last several hours of the flight, leading up to a 7am landing in Sydney. I looked through the movies on the in-flight entertainment system, and saw several that I would like to see, but I always hate watching movies on the tiny plane screen, so I chose something that sounded interesting, but not too interesting. I selected Leave No Trace, a new movie with an intriguing one-line summary. It was a slow burn drama, with some beautiful forest wilderness cinematography, and was decent.

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