DM and MM's Britain 2009 Diary

Day 24 - Kuala Lumpur to Sydney

Tuesday, 23 June, 2009

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Terminal C, Kuala Lumpur International Airport. 18:45 Kuala Lumpur time.

We're now sitting in a cafe at Kuala Lumpur Airport, waiting the 3.5 hours until our connecting flight to Sydney. The flight from London went uneventfully, with us reading and dozing most of the way. The main problem is we seem to have missed most of Tuesday!

Now we're in our "favourite" airport cafe in the world - we've been here four times now - enjoying some drinks and potato wedges for a between-flights snack. Feeling remarkably awake, despite not really getting any sleep on the flight - but then it is noon in London at the moment. The next flight will be interesting.

Sydney, Wednesday 24 June, 2009.

Well, we arrived home safely! Nothing much to report on the flight. Now I just have to type up this diary...

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