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The PCs uncover rumours of a strange "lost world", segregated from the rest of the world on top of a tepui (isolated mountain plateau) in South America. Legends tell of "great lizards", which may be dinosaur survivors from the Cretaceous era! Recovering one could bring unimaginable fame and fortune. The only suitable mode of transport to the top of the tepui is zeppelin...
On board a trans-Atlantic zeppelin flight in the 1930s, something strange is happening. The adventuring party just happen to be experienced occult investigators...
For a really cool game, the entire adventure can be played on board the zeppelin.
Time Travel
Enemy time agents have been located jumping on board the Hindenburg on its final flight from Europe to America in May 1937. If they manage to prevent the famous disaster, nothing will prevent Nazi Germany from developing zeppelins as weapons of war, and possibly winning World War II! The PCs must jump in, deal with the enemy agents, and ensure the fiery end of the zeppelin era at Lakehurst, New Jersey.


This is an adventure-seed for a Timepiece campaign, as described in GURPS Time Travel. I actually ran this as a complete adventure, but alas my notes have been lost...
The Treaty of Waitangi was signed on the 6th of February, 1840 by a British representative and fifty Maori chieftans. Britain formally proclaimed sovereignty over New Zealand and agreed to respect the land-ownership rights of the Maori, who placed themselves under the protection of the British government. New Zealand was made a dependency of New South Wales, until 1841.

Waitangi is on the coast of the Bay of Islands, on the North Island of New Zealand, approximately 35.3 S, 174.1 E.

Enemy agents have penetrated this time period in an effort to stop the signing of the treaty, thereby leading to persecution of the Maori and deep-seated resentment of the white settlers. They will attempt to do this by inciting mistrust of the whites in the Maori. They will steal, murder and be generally unpleasant, in the guise of Europeans. They will trespass on sacred ground. They hope to make the Maori angry enough to attack the whites, ending any chance for a peaceful negotiation. The PCs must stop this disruption and ensure that the treaty is signed.

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