The Ulhuqqa are the most feared sentient species in human-space. They are squat creatures with a rigid exoskeleton and triangular symmetry, having three arms and three legs. They are most notable for their rabid hatred of all other sentients, and ongoing attempts to conquer and destroy sentient populations they encounter. Ulhuqqa do not wear anything, so far as anyone knows. They have only ever been encountered as invasion forces. Their home planet is unknown.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Ulhuqqa have -1 ST (-10 points), +2 HT (20), +2 Passive Defence (50), +2 Damage Resistance (6), +6 Extra Fatigue (18), 1 Extra Arm (10), 3 Legs (5), 360-Degree Vision (25), Ambidexterity (10), Clinging (Limitation: only on surfaces rough on mm scale) (20), Injury Tolerance (No Neck) (5), Unfazeable (15), Bloodlust (-10), Deafness (-20), Delusion (Ulhuqqa are the only sentients worthy of life) (-10), Fanaticism (-15), Intolerant (-10), Mute (-25), No Sense of Humour (-10), Odious Species Habit (desire to kill all non-Ulhuqqa sentients) (-15), Reputation (-20). It costs 39 points to be an Ulhuqqa.


Ulhuqqa cannot speak or hear; they communicate by sign language, gesturing with any number of arms and displaying areas of various colour on them. Simple messages can be communicated with one arm, but complex ones require multiple arms. Since Ulhuqqa do not interact socially with any other sentients, they do not adopt spoken use names, nor do they grant sign language names to members of other species. The Ulhuqqa sign language has been only partially decoded by linguists, since the Ulhuqqa are not cooperative in explaining it.


Ulhuqqa are easily the most psychologically deranged species known. They are completely intolerant of all other sentients and wish nothing more than to see them all wiped out utterly. This is based on a strong sense of ownership - traditionally the Ulhuqqa considered themselves owners of everything they could see. When they developed starflight and began taking inventory of their "property", they were dismayed to find other beings living on some of their planets. The reaction was to effectively declare war on the entire Galaxy and dedicate themselves to destroying every other sentient species in existence.

Ulhuqqa are ruthless combatants in space or ground shootouts, and will sacrifice themselves willingly if it means inflicting serious damage on any non-Ulhuqqa installations or personnel. They are completely merciless. They do not take prisoners and kill all sentients they can, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ulhuqqa do not deliberately target non-sentient creatures, but show no qualms about incidental destruction of such life forms.

Ulhuqqa are patient and methodical in their approach to warfare. Their attacks are always well thought out and planned. They take time to consolidate their gains before launching new offensives, which partially explains why more worlds have not yet been attacked.

Ulhuqqa do not seem to have much individual personality at all. Nothing perturbs them, they are completely unfazeable, and do not seem to understand the concept of humour. When captured, they show no fear and refuse to cooperate or answer questions even under threat of torture or death. Even under obvious scrutiny, they constantly try to escape and return to report what they have learnt. They are curious, and even while captured will attempt to grab things and study them, probably in an effort to learn more about the enemy.


The only things known of Ulhuqqa ecology have been learnt by studying captives. They are completely triangularly symmetric, having six eyes set in three equally spaced pairs about their body and giving them full 360-degree vision. They can use each of their three arms and legs with equal agility, and can move in any direction with their scuttling gait. Fine gripping hooks on their feet allow them to climb vertical surfaces and even hang upside down, so long as the surface is not smooth like glass or sheet metal. Anything with some roughness on a millimetre scale will give them enough grip.

Although not as physically strong as humans on average, Ulhuqqa do not tire easily, and can maintain vigilance or activity for several days without rest. Ulhuqqa seem to be able to digest and gain nourishment from human food, but it is not known what they normally eat. Dissection of Ulhuqqa reveals no obvious reproductive organs. It is unknown how they reproduce.

There is some speculation amongst xenobiologists that the Ulhuqqa encountered so far represent only a subset of the entire species, perhaps a warrior caste or sexless drones. Some even go as far as saying that the Ulhuqqa are a warrior slave species, acting under the orders of a master species yet to be encountered.


What little is known of Ulhuqqa culture is almost certainly biased by the fact that only military parties have ever been encountered. Their military groupings appear to maintain strict status ranks, although it seems that individually initiated actions are not frowned upon.

The Ulhuqqa have never made any obvious attempt to rescue or bargain for prisoners. It may be that the concept of taking prisoners is alien to them, so they do not believe that any Ulhuqqa will be captured alive. Attempts to communicate that prisoners have been taken have always been ignored.

Ulhuqqa technology is mostly up to state-of-the-art standards. They do not use audio channels in radio communications. Their video channels are highly compressed and require special decoding programs to display properly. No leaked radio transmissions from stars within Ulhuqqa territory have yet been intercepted. Ulhuqqa starships are well designed and ruggedly built. Whether this is standard for their species or specialised for military use is not known.

Ulhuqqa views on religion, art, and entertainment are completely unknown. Speculation runs the full gamut of possibilities.


Ulhuqqa do not interact politically with other species. Communication and negotiation attempts have been made, but little knowledge has been gained, since the Ulhuqqa seem incapable of having a sensible conversation with other species. The gist of most Ulhuqqa communications to date has been: "You are occupying our space. We will destroy you."

At present, the Ulhuqqa offensives have been restricted to a border area between human-space and the Ulhuqqa region. This border is not far from the Larrokite homeworld, and the Ulhuqqa have so far destroyed two Larrokite colonies. Nearby worlds are bracing for invasion.

Worlds near the Ulhuqqa border have been beaming radio messages requesting communication and negotiation to known Ulhuqqa worlds and likely candidate stars within Ulhuqqa territory for many years now. No response has ever been received. Other radio communications near border worlds are carefully beamed or restricted, to limit Ulhuqqa eavesdropping.

There are some unsubstantiated rumours and conspiracy theories that the Memer are allies of the Ulhuqqa. Advocates of such theories point out the similarities in communication mode and exoskeletal biology of the species, and the general xenophobia and secrecy of the Memer. The fact that Memer often undercut other merchant shipping endeavours is seen as evidence that they are trying to destabilise interstellar economy and society from within. Critics point out that, in xenobiological terms, Ulhuqqa and Memer are about as closely related as humans and Pachekki, and that known areas of Memer operations are nowhere near Ulhuqqa territory. Of course, the conspiracy theorists posit a secret alliance, pincer military action, and even covert dealings between the Ulhuqqa, Memer, and high-ranking officials of other species.

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