The Amber Nebula - Campaign Summary


Campaign's starting year: 2775 AD.
Rate Game Time passes: Only when playing.
Campaign type: Hard science fiction; free trader scenario.
Campaign's base world: Earth.
Known sentient alien species: Larrokites, Pachekki, Memer, Sparrials, Chatka, Varg, Ulhuqqa.
Frequency of good worlds: Average 10 parsecs (10-20 days' travel) apart.
Is exploration still going on? Yes.
Where: Human-space frontiers.

Campaign Political Background

Name and type of stellar state: Overall anarchy, some loose alliances of a few worlds.
Political/economic situation: Stable, some skirmishes with Ulhuqqa but no outright war.
Campaign Tech Level: 10, modified.
FTL communication technology: Unavailable. FTL messages must be carried by hyperspace ships.
Medical Technology: Panimmunity, cloning, braintaping, suspended animation, advanced microsurgery, advanced genetic engineering.

Starship Rules

FTL drive type: Hyperdrive.
Speed: 0.5-1.0 pc/day average (variable).
Fuel: Reaction mass required.
Ease of FTL navigation: Modified straight line.
Hyperdrive Engineering Difficulty: Hard.
FTL Side Effects: Nausea/space sickness sometimes caused by hyperspace transitions.
STL drive type: Reaction drives (ion, antimatter thermal drives).
Speed: Variable.
Fuel: Reaction mass required.
Ease of STL navigation: Modified straight line.
Reaction Drive Engineering Difficulty: Hard.
STL Side Effects: None.
Power Plant Type: Nuclear fusion, antimatter.
Fuel: Fusion plants require small amounts of hydrogen fuel, antimatter requires small amounts of antimatter.
Allowable Weaponry and Shields: All TL10.

Player Character Information

PC Races allowed: Human, Larrokite, Pachekki, Varg, Chatka, Sparrial.
Starting wealth: $15,000.
Starting social levels allowed: Up to Status 3.
Language(s) PCs will need: English. Non-humans should take a native language and learn English.
Especially appropriate character types: Pilot, Engineer, Merchant, Doctor, Journalist, Scientist.
Advantages/skills which may be useful: G-Experience, Improved G-Tolerance / Area Knowledge (Earth Sector), Area Knowledge (Human-Space), Astrogation, Astronomy, Computer Programming, Diplomacy, Electronics, Electronics Operation (Sensors), Engineer (Hyperdrive), Fast Talk, First Aid, Free Fall, Gunner (Starship Weapons), Guns (Beam Weapons), Mechanic (Starship), Merchant, Nuclear Physics, Physician, Pilot (Starship), Planetology, Savoire-Faire, Scrounging, Streetwise, Tactics, Vacc Suit, Xenobiology, Xenology.
Advantages which are not allowed: Occult/Paranormal/Super/Cinematic Advantages, 3D Spatial Sense, Bardic Immunity, Beast-Kin, Chronolocation, Daredevil, Disease-Resistant, Eidetic Memory, Gadgeteer, High Technology, Immunity To Timesickness, Mechanical Telepathy, Rapier Wit, Ridiculous Luck, Style Familiarity, Tree-Kin.
Disadvantages which are not allowed: Occult/Paranormal/Super/Cinematic Disadvantages, Amnesia, Appearance: Horrific/Monstrous, Chronic Depression, Evil Twin, Extreme Fanatacism, Free Sick, Killjoy, Klutz, Lunacy, Megalomania, No Physical Body, Paranoia, Prefrontal Lobotomy, Quadriplegic, Sadism, Slave Mentality, Split Personality, Terminally Ill, Timesickness, Tourette's Syndrome.
Skills which are not allowed: Occult/Paranormal/Super/Cinematic/Esoteric Skills.
Appropriate Patrons: Free Traders' Association (base 15 points), Interstellar Journalists' Society (base 15 points), universities (base 10 points).
Appropriate Enemies: The Mafia (base -30 points), interstellar corporations (base cost varies), pirate groups (base cost varies).

Special Disciplines

Magic: Unavailable.
Psionics: Unavailable.
Rules Variants: Basic Will is 10, modified by Strong and Weak Will. Acceleration Tolerance costs 5 points, Acceleration Weakness costs -2 points.
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