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The following three alien species are described fully in GURPS Aliens, and are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.
The brief descriptions given here are intended only for reference by players in the Amber Nebula campaign.
The descriptions incorporate paraphrases of material originally published by Steve Jackson Games, plus original material.
These versions are not compatible with official SJG material.


Pachekki are humanoid amphibians, with an appearance disconcerting to humans, Larrokites and Sparrials. They have no nose or ears, huge bulging multi-faceted eyes, and a mass of writhing palps on top of their heads which are used to sense sound. They are tall (for their low strength) and slender, with pale blue skin, and seven-fingered hands. Pachekki wear clothing, usually shiny waterproof material, loosely cut.

Pachekki are ambisexual, switching between exclusively female and male roles at random every few days. The sex change is accompanied by a distinct change in personality. Female Pachekki are impulsive and hyperactive, while males are lazy. Pachekki must swim or bathe in fresh water every day, or risk slowly losing HT.

Average Pachekki are rather dull compared to humans, but exceptionally intelligent individuals are not uncommon, and quickly rise to skilled jobs. Pachekki have the most advanced biological science known to humans, and commonly clone themselves and anyone else who will let them. Their genetic engineering is first class.

Pachekki societies are communally based, with tasks shared by anyone capable, under guidance of higher-IQ individuals. Pachekki colonise suitable worlds vigorously. However, not many worlds are suited to their preferred humid, low-gravity, high air-pressure living conditions, so they defend their interests fiercely. Pachekki have a commonly known dislike of Larrokites, for reasons unfathomable to any non-Pachekki.

Two aliens.
Left: A Pachekki, displaying a good grasp of typical Pachekki fashion sense.
Right: A Sparrial, displaying similar knowledge of standard Sparrial clothing style.


Sparrials are thin humanoids with vaguely feline features. A triangular head contains a snout with a three-lipped triangular mouth. They are covered in thin fur, usually red to brown shades, and only sometimes wear clothing for decoration purposes.

Sparrials are adventurous and energetic, keen to try new things and see new sights. When discovered by humans, Sparrials had only TL4 technology. However, they quickly adapted to TL10 science and spread rapidly throughout human-space, blending seamlessly into starfaring society.

Sparrials have an unstructured society, with social status determined only between individuals, not globally. The means of gaining status over a fellow Sparrial is to steal something from him. A Sparrial thief who is asked to return an item will do so happily, because this forces the victim to acknowledge the thief as a superior. Many Sparrials often allow a thief to keep a valuable item rather than losing face by admitting the item was stolen.

Unfortunately for other species, Sparrials apply this social interaction equally to anyone. Individuals of other species dealing with Sparrials are advised to politely request their belongings back at the end of each encounter. Confronting a Sparrial thief rudely or angrily will provoke defensiveness and hostility. Catching a Sparrial thief in the act asserts dominance over the Sparrial, but only if done politely.

Sparrials have a keen sense of smell, and are able to smell emotionally triggered changes in body chemistry in most other species, which translates to their innate Detect Lies ability.


Memer are spider-like aliens about the size of a medium dog. They have stalked eyes, two feathery sensory antennae, a mandibled mouth, and two spindly arms. Their exoskeleton gives them high strength and sturdiness for their size, and also protects them from environmental extremes, including prolonged exposure to the hard vacuum of space.

Memer speak by sign language, but usually communicate with verbal species using electronic voice synthesisers and voice recognition and translation systems. Memer don't often interact with other species much anyway, due to their fear of other sentients.

Memer are good technicians and most of the Memer encountered by other species are involved with carrying non-perishable cargoes between worlds. Memer spaceships are not sealed against vacuum, and their very low life support requirements mean they can usually ship appropriate cargo more cheaply than any other operators.

Memer have been plying the spacelanes well back into Chatka history, but only open up new routes infrequently, so they do not appear throughout human-space. Not much else is known about the Memer, including the location of their homeworld, or what their civilisation is like.

Despite some superficial resemblance to the Ulhuqqa, Memer are only found far from any regions of Ulhuqqa activity, and the most trouble a Memer ever causes is some half-hearted smuggling or trying to dock without a port authority clearance.

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