The Amber Nebula - Political Organisation

There is very little multi-world political organisation beyond the establishment and administration of colonies. The lack of rapid communication between stars makes administration of an interstellar empire or federation simply too difficult. Each world generally governs itself; neighbouring worlds usually form no more than a very loose trading alliance. Most colony worlds, once self-sufficient, become restless enough to declare independence. Overall, human-space is essentially anarchic. The closest things to single interstellar political entities are the megacorporations, who sometimes own and administrate several whole worlds.

In general, inter-world relations are peaceful and cooperative. There are minor disagreements between some worlds of course, and occasionally these erupt into short-lived wars. Nothing presently threatens to escalate into a multi-world war. The greatest ongoing hostilities are the constant skirmishes and minor incursions of Ulhuqqa forces into an edge of human- space dominated by humans and Larrokites. Since this is a border region for the Ulhuqqa as well, it is speculated that they are too busy elsewhere in their own space to mount a full-scale invasion. Military planners keep a very careful eye on all activity within this region.

On a smaller scale, most human worlds are controlled by a single political institution, but many are balkanised into discrete political subdivisions. Earth retains many of the historical divisions into separately administrated countries, but is united economically.

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