The Legacy

Asgard Class Trading Vessel


The Legacy is the free trading vessel owned and operated by the player characters in the Amber Nebula Campaign.

The ship was designed using the GURPS Vehicles, 2nd Edition rules, with TL10 technology except for the variant hyperdrive and rocket thrust engines. (Reactionless thrusters do not exist in the campaign.) Other details such as wiring and plumbing have also been added for additional realism.

In the Amber Nebula Campaign, there is no gravitic technology, so the ship is in weightless conditions whenever it is in space.



ItemNumCostMass/kgVolume/m3Power/kW   NotesMass/lbVolume/ft3
Access Space1--135.92--4,800.00
Airlock, 6 persons1$6,000.001,360.8012.74-3,000.0450.00
Antimatter Bay1$10,000.00453.600.14--4 Failsafe1,000.05.00
Antimatter Thermal Rocket1$5,000.0045.360.06-100.02.00
Armour1$362,790.0010,970.77--DR 100, PD 424,186.0-
Bulkheads and Doors1-5,443.204.25-part of Hull cost12,000.0150.00
Cabins4$12,000.003,628.8056.63-$3000 each8,000.02,000.00
Capacitors1$2,016,000.009,144.5811.42-10000 kWh20,160.0403.20
Cargo Space1-544.3256.63-With ramp1,200.02,000.00
Computer Terminal6$1,500.0027.220.08-$250 each60.03.00
Computer, Microframe2$20,000.0045.360.06-0.10$10,000 each100.02.00
Corridors1--70.79-part of Hull cost-2,500.00
Crashweb8$800.0018.140.06-$100 each40.02.00
Electrical Wiring1-362.880.85-part of Hull cost800.030.00
Fire Suppression, Full1$5,000.0090.720.11-200.04.00
Fusion Power Plant1$215,000.00136.080.171,500.00300.06.00
Hull1$5,722,500.002,076.58 -493.12-4,578.0  -17,415.00
Hyperdrive1$40,000.00907.201.13-10000 kWh2,000.040.00
Inertial Navigation System1$12,500.004.540.01-10.00.20
Intercom System1$200.0011.340.11-25.04.00
Life Support System, Full1$9,000.00907.201.27-80.002,000.045.00
Lighting, Internal1$1,000.004.540.03-0.5010.01.00
Mini Workshop, Complete1$19,000.004,762.8014.16-0.5010,500.0500.00
Passive EM Sensor Array1$800,000.00226.800.28-500.010.00
Planetary Survey Array1$125,000.0056.700.07-0.50125.02.50
Plumbing1-907.201.42-part of Hull cost2,000.050.00
Provisions, Person-Day480$2,880.00435.460.54-$6 each960.019.20
Radar1$275,000.001,134.001.42  -1,250.00Scan 332,500.050.00
Radio Transceiver1$1,500.00113.400.14-4.00250.05.00
Roomy Engineer Station1$100.0018.141.13-40.040.00
Roomy Pilot Station1$100.0018.141.13-40.040.00
Roomy Seats6$600.00108.866.80-$100 each240.0240.00
Vacuum Sealing1$40,310.00-----
Water (Reaction Mass)1-20,000.00--Inside Tank44,091.7-
Water Tank1$23,500.00106.6020.53-20 m3 capacity235.0725.00

Total    $9,840,015.00    68,247.84-66.26164.30  150,458.2-2,340.15


  1. Negative power is consumption, positive is available power.
  2. Negative volume represents available empty space, positive volume is the volume of a component.

Hull Hit Points  6,047
Hull DR  100
Hull PD  4
Wheel Hit Points (each)547
Hull Structural Health10
Size Modifier+7

Rocket engine power consumption1,500 MW  (from antimatter/reaction mass mixing)
Antimatter fuel consumption0.5 g/day 
Hyperspace skew recharge time6 hr 40 min  (using fusion power plant)
Top safe aerobraking speed64,720 km/h 
Typical aerobraking speed39,744 km/h 
Top air speed4,720 km/h  in 1 atmosphere
Top safe aerobraking time25 min 00 s  (Damage: 100)
Typical aerobraking time14 min 36 s  (Damage: 58)
Stall speed744 km/h  in 1 atmosphere
Aerial deceleration0.445 m/s/s  in 1 atmosphere
Glide time41 min 24 s 
Glide distance1885 km  in 1 atmosphere
Ground deceleration6.52 m/s/s 
Minimum landing (runway) distance3,277 m 

Computer System

Internal Security3$2,500
Transmission Profiling3$8,000
Damage Control2$2,000
Desktop Publishing2$1,000
Electronics Repair2$500
Routine Vehicle Operation2$8,000
Database Access1$400

Electronic Devices Technical1 GB$1,000
Human Space Encyclopaedia  10 GB$10,000
Languages (x10)10 GB  $10,000
Scientific Data Library1 GB$1,000
Ship's Technical Information1 GB$1,000
Vehicle Recognition1 GB$1,000

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