Switch to Fusion Power!

Still using an old antimatter drive?

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Dangerous and Expensive

That antimatter thermal rocket engine is old technology! It's inconvenient, dangerous, and expensive to run. We all know antimatter fuel is one of the largest operating costs of a spaceship. But it's also hard to find on some worlds, sometimes in short supply, or even impossible to get. Worst of all, an antimatter explosion on board a ship invariably destroys the whole ship. Remember the Shenandoah and the Akron tragedies?


With the latest increases in nuclear fusion efficiency and advanced manufacturing techniques, you can upgrade your aging antimatter engine to a brand new nuclear fusion power plant and rocket motor, for a fraction of the cost of a new ship.

Safe and Cheap

The latest nuclear fusion power plants from Harungard Industries are among the most efficient commercially available anywhere, and our prices are more than competitive. Nuclear fusion is safe - on the rare chance that anything goes wrong, the plant simply shuts down. No explosions, no radiation. A containment breach stops the fusion process almost instantaneously. Nuclear fusion is cheap - our plants literally run on water. An in-built electrolysis cell extracts hydrogen fuel from ordinary water, producing useful, clean, pure oxygen as a by-product!

Considering the cost of antimatter fuel, a Harungard Industries Nuclear Fusion Power Plant pays for itself many times over in the first year of operation. Not to mention the safety and convenience factors! You can't afford not to uprade your ship's engines right away.

Some Pricing Options

Power OutputPrice*Fuel Consumption
0.5 GWEarth$400,0001kg water/day
1.0 GWEarth$550,0002kg water/day
1.5 GWEarth$700,0003kg water/day
2.0 GWEarth$850,0004kg water/day
* Includes installation, and safe disposal of your old antimatter bay, at a licensed Harungard Industries service centre!

Call your friendly Harungard Industries representative today!

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