Larrokites look a bit like upright, bipedal frogs, about 1.5 metres tall. They have webbed hind feet and spindly forearms ending in non-webbed hands. Their eyes are nested in bumps on the top of the head and may be turned around independently. Skin colour varies widely, including spotted and mottled varieties. Larrokites do not wear clothing, but often have tool belts or backpacks in which to carry things. Larrokites are native to swampy regions of their homeworld, which is of earthlike mixed terrain, and has a gravity of 0.92 G and an atmospheric pressure of 0.90, but with slightly higher oxygen concentration than Earth.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Larrokites have -1 HT (-10 points), Amphibious (10), Gills (10), Independently Focusable Eyes (15), Nictating Membrane (10), Peripheral Vision (15), Acrophobia (mild) (-10), Dependency (Water) (-15), Increased Life Support (+2 tonnes/cubic metres of equipment) (-10), and Sense of Duty (Important Tasks) (-5). It costs 10 points to play a Larrokite. Many Larrokites are often Lazy, but this is not included in the species disadvantages.


Larrokite names, like the Larrokite native language (called Rooplibb), tend to sound gurgly to human ears. "B", "G", and "L" sounds are common. Personal names are usually a few syllables long; for example, Bluggulorp. Family names are not used. Ambiguity between individuals with the same name is usually solved by appending a distinguishing description, either of geographical origin, job description, or personality or physical trait. In Rooplibb these simply sound like more gurgles. Amongst humans, Larrokites with the same name might use English descriptions: Bluggulorp of New Paris, Bluggulorp the engineer, three-fingered Bluggulorp. Larrokite names, although tricky for humans to learn, are usually pronounceable, so Larrokites do not adopt human use names. Traditional Larrokite names evolved from words with meanings in archaic languages, but long use as names has rendered them effectively meaningless in modern Rooplibb. Rooplibb is a Mental/Average language for humans to learn. Larrokites can learn English as a Mental/Average language.


Larrokites are often mischievous and rather lazy, though this is not a universal trait. They have somewhat childish attitudes and can extract great joy from merely jumping or swimming around in impromptu games with people. They have an incredible sense of duty, however, and will always perform to the utmost of their ability in any endeavour which they deem important, which usually includes their jobs. They tend to be sceptical of anything with which they do not have experience, but become ready converts once a new phenomenon is demonstrated to their satisfaction.

Larrokites get along very well with humans, since they share many of the same overall psychological tendencies. Furthermore, they are generally non-aggressive unless provoked. There are a few more mercenary Larrokites who will use violence to accomplish their goals, just as some humans are bad apples. The species as a whole, however, is non-aggressive towards other sentients. Larrokite history is nowhere near as replete with wars as human history, despite its much longer timespan. A Larrokite would much rather kick back and relax than get worked up enough to fight in a war.

Disputes between Larrokites happen rarely, but when they do occur their single-mindedness sets in and they argue it out until they reach a conclusion. In extreme cases, an athletic contest is used to decide which antagonist must back down, after which all is forgiven and two may resume being good friends. If one antagonist refuses the contest, he is deemed to have lost. Larrokites apply this behaviour to other sentients as well, so it is very difficult to make a long term Larrokite enemy unless you continually and deliberately provoke him.

Larrokites have a mild fear of heights, racially ingrained over millenia.


Larrokites are completely amphibious. They are just as comfortable in fresh water as on dry land, and can breathe in normally oxygenated water with their dual-purpose gill-lungs. Their skin is not completely watertight, however, and they dehydrate slowly if exposed to dry air. This is a mild dependence. After one full day in air with a humidity less than 70% without bathing or otherwise being immersed in fresh water, a larrokite loses 1 HT per hour. HT lost in this way is regained immediately upon immersion in water. Salt water will dehydrate a larrokite even more quickly than dry air, because of osmosis through the skin. A larrokite immersed in salt water loses 1 HT every ten minutes, beginning immediately upon immersion. The water required to keep a Larrokite healthy takes up an extra 2 tonnes and cubic metres of space in a life support situation.

Larrokites are omnivores. Their native diet consists of slimy water plants and fish- and amphibian-like animals. They enjoy most human food, but only in bland dishes. Highly spiced food upsets their stomachs and internal water balance. Larrokite food is edible to humans, but not popular outside of avant garde sushi bars.

To reproduce, female Larrokites lay clutches of 3-5 large eggs in water, which can then be fertilised externally by a cooperating male. The eggs must be supplied with dissolved nutrients throughout the developmental period of 5 months (traditionally done by draping them with slimy weed and occasionally releasing animal blood into the water). They hatch into baby Larrokites, who follow a similar growth pattern to humans. Adulthood is reached at 16 years and aging begins at 65.


Larrokites are on old species, and developed technologically over several thousand years. Their somewhat hedonistic lifestyles were not suited to rapid exploitation of scientific knowledge, but they had managed to develop hyperdrive and were in the process of establishing initial interstellar colonies when contact was made with humans.

Amongst their own, Larrokites are a peaceful species, since they would much rather play than fight. Technology has globalised their homeworld culture over thousands of years. This led to the development of Rooplibb as the universal Larrokite language. Older Larrokite tongues are recorded for posterity but are dead languages.

Larrokite mating rituals are little more than being in the right place at the right time. Any suitable male in the vicinity may be asked by a female to fertilise eggs she is ready to lay. It is considered impolite to refuse without a good reason. Mothers play the major role in raising children, but friends of the mother, of both sexes, will assist. This may or may not include the father.

Larrokites have no structured religions. Traditionally they have no belief in any deities, but believe in a form of reincarnation similar to that of Buddhism. Cosmopolitan Larrokites these days carry a wide range of beliefs, although almost invariably do not worship, even if they do decide to believe in a deity.

Larrokite art, both visual and performing, is colourful and expressive. Their literature tends more to poetry than prose. All art forms are immediately accessible to humans, though critics tend to dismiss them as childish (which is precisely why they are so accessible to the average human non-art-critic!). More than arts, though, Larrokites like to engage in and observe athletic competitions. Many are keen followers of human sports and several Larrokite sports have been adopted by humans.

A Larrokite criminal could fill any role, from petty thief to powerful crime boss. They are adaptable enough to fill most of the same societal roles as humans. The only reason there are not as many Larrokite criminals as human ones is that crime is seen as too much hard work by the fun-loving Larrokites.


Larrokites are generally considered the closest ally of humans amongst all the known alien sentients. They have no hidden agenda (as far as humans can determine) and are cooperative and peaceful. They make fair representation at councils to determine the status of new colonisable worlds. As long as Larrokite colonists are allowed to settle promising worlds alongside humans, they are usually happy to allow the humans to administrate, so long as Larrokite interests and concerns are treated fairly.

On Larrokite-dominated worlds, they tend to govern in a loosely anarchic Athenian democracy, patterned after their homeworld. Few Larrokites possess the drive to administrate or play an active role in government, but if elected to a supervisory position by their peers their sense of duty kicks in and they perform extremely competently and usually fairly.

Larrokites are broadly antagonistic towards the Pachekki, but only because for some reason the Pachekki seemed to take an instant dislike to them. On a case by case basis, the two species have been known to cooperate, but only with a strong Pachekki leader championing a good reason. The Larrokites are happy to forgive and forget, and always do so when approached by a non-aggressive Pachekki, but are invariably disappointed when the agreement ends and the Pachekki return to their unfriendly ways.

Larrokite worlds also bear much of the brunt of the Ulhuqqa offensives. One colony has already been lost and the distance between the Larrokite homeworld and the Ulhuqqa is dangerously small.

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