The Planet


Triana is an old human colony world, just 5.702 parsecs from Earth. It is a small planet, with about half the gravity of Earth, and a thin oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. Triana's sun is the K3 V star Eta Cassiopeiae (visible from Earth in the constellation Cassiopeia).

Triana is a temperate planet, with small icecaps and warm equatorial regions. It is almost tide-locked, having a rotational period not much shorter than its year, and thus a day length of 78 Earth days. Liquid water covers 45% of the surface with isolated seas and rivers.


Triana's life consists exclusively of unicellular microbes. The majority are photosynthetic, but some feed on others. Some of these active microbes can cause illness and death in humans, but cases are now rare and effective treatment is readily available.

Earthly flora and fauna have been imported, as well as some of the vegetation from Prime. These are now well established and form a stable ecosystem.


Triana holds around 1.9 billion humans and approximately 500,000 sentient aliens. Cities are scattered throughout the land areas. Many wealthy residents migrate from city to city with the long daily cycle to avoid the 78-day long nights. There are also several "moving cities" - large arcologies housing up to 100,000 people which crawl slowly across the landscape from east to west, staying in the sunlight all the time. Nightside cities remain active, though, there being too many people for them all to be able to chase the sun.


Triana is essentially self-sufficient, and has little of value to export. The vast majority of imports and exports are luxury goods peculiar to the originating planet. A significant fraction of Triana's exports are in the form of films and interactive entertainment software.

Triana supports some tourism, drawn mainly to the slowly changing scenery available while holidaying on board a moving city. It also has a few universities and research institutes of interstellar renown.


Triana is governed by a bureaucratic representative democracy, with each city submitting parliamentary representatives and senators to the world government. Each city tends to look after its own interests, so the world government resembles a loose coalition of independent powerbrokers trying to get their voices heard over the bureaucracy. Civic laws vary widely from city to city, but most are fairly permissive.

Ostensibly, Triana speaks with one voice on interstellar councils, but that voice is made up of the competing interests of many cities, so it is not often clear exactly where Triana stands on any given issue.

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