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Tatiana is a relatively recent human colony world, just 29.79 parsecs from Earth. It was colonised only 200 or so years ago, since it has no atmosphere to support a surface population. It is a small rockball in a system with no gaseous material at all. Tatiana orbits the G5 V star Bond, along with several other small rocky planets and some extensive asteroid belts.

Tatiana is warmish on average, but the lack of atmosphere means the surface bakes under the sun during the day and freezes at night. Lack or air and water makes it a hostile place at best, deadly without the proper equipment.


Tatiana is sterile. The only life to be found is imported and sequestered away in the habitat areas under the ground.


Tatiana houses 350,000 humans and a handful of aliens. The planet serves as a base for asteroid mining operations in the Bond system, with the population basically consisting of the miners, support staff, families, and enough people of miscellaneous professions to make a functional society.


Tatiana only exists because of its asteroid mining industry. Several secondary industries such as refining and starship and machinery construction utilise the raw materials to good effect. The relative lack of light elements in the system means heavy and rare elements are more abundant than usual, so mining is very efficient.

Obviously Tatiana exports many metals and metal products. Most of the necessities of life, however, must be imported. Food forms the major import, though underground hydroponic gardens are beginning to cater for more of the demand. Water and air are recycled thoroughly, so not much needs to be imported.

Other significant imports include organic materials, plastics, and computing technology.


Tatiana is administered by a representative democracy, set up early in its history to break the corporate mining monopoly which originally built the settlement. Now there are many mining companies, ranging from large multistellars to small independent belters with a single ship, and there is generally enough raw material for everyone. One of the largest governmental duties, however, is to sort out competing mining claims and resolving legal issues related to mineral rights.

The government necessarily regulates environmental conditions in the sealed living environments on Tatiana, and acts to expand and develop new areas, and regulate private construction. Explosives and beam weapons are strongly regulated, because of the potential for catastrophic failure of life support systems and environmental seals, but other weaponry is tolerated quite freely. Personal taxes are fairly light, since duty on mining products raises plenty of government revenue.

As a relatively new world in the region near Earth, Tatiana's influence on interstellar politics is less than its population would imply. However, the residents are proud of their world and generally content to look after themselves without too much concern for the state of the others in their vicinity.

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