The Planet


Juqueri lies 39.16 parsecs from Earth and was colonised by humans early. It is a steamy world, a little smaller than Earth, with the expected lower gravity. The atmosphere however is somewhat thicker, and the constant high humidity makes breathing something of an exercise for visiting humans.

The world has a 64% liquid water cover, and virtually 100% cloud cover. The high albedo of the clouds is virtually the only thing preventing Juqueri from becoming a runaway greenhouse world. It orbits the K1 V star Yust.


Macroscopic plants are native to Juqueri, but grow no larger than small shrubs. All other native life is microscopic. The plants are edible to humans and imported animals, and considered a delicacy offworld.

Imported flora includes many jungle trees and plants which do very well in the climatic conditions. One whole continent has been set aside as wilderness to preserve the native plant life, but most of the rest of the landmass is now covered in dense jungle or forest. Imported animals suitable to the conditions also thrive, including large colonies of wild apes and monkeys.


Being a reasonably hospitable planet with abundant food, Juqueri's human population has stabilised around the 2.5 billion mark. Larrokites and Sparrials also find the environment to their liking and have growing populations of a few hundred thousand each.


Juqueri produces many organic products, especially medicinals and other bio-active compounds which can be harvested from the jungles. A good quantity of food is exported to nearby worlds which are less blessed with good crop growing conditions. Exotic hardwoods also form a small but lucrative export.

Local mining produces ample industrial metals for local production, but light metals and precious metals need to be imported. High technology and scientific research are also sought after from offworld.


Juqueri is split into three self-governing nations; one a constitutional monarchy and the others representational democracies. Their laws are fairly similar and they have had no major conflicts of interest since the last wars 300 years ago. Generally, society is enlightened and free on Juqueri. Personal weapons are only lightly restricted in the democracies but require strict licensing and cannot be carried in public in the monarchy. Most citizens argue the time has come to form a world government, but the mechanics of doing so remain the one thing the countries cannot seem to agree on. The monarchy continues to be unfailingly popular amongst its citizens, while the republics insist all officials should be elected.

On an intersteller front, Juqueri is virtually already united. Simple logistics dictate that one navy is cheaper than three, especially when actively staking claims to uncolonised worlds in the vicinity. Other worlds fear that Juqueri may become aggressively expansionist if ever its governments are united, and there are rumours that destabilisation of the union process is being funded from offworld.

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