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Eisbach is an old human colony world, some 9.912 parsecs from Earth. It is actually the largest moon of a small gas giant, Terisal, and is a small world with a low gravity. It retains a substantial atmosphere with enough oxygen to support humans though. Eisbach's sun is the G8 V star Mandragora.

Eisbach is an icy world, almost fully coated in water ice and snow, with partial thaws occuring on each closest approach to its star. Eisbach is tidally locked with respect to Terisal, so the side facing away from Terisal is the warmest as it faces the sun on closest approach.


Eisbach supports a hardy microbiota, but no other native organisms. Large deposits of fossil microbes have turned into oil and lie accessible below the ice and rock.

Earthly tundra ecosystems have been established in the few regions not under permanent icecap.


Eisbach houses approximately 80 million humans and a handful of aliens. The harsh living conditions make it difficult to support a much larger population, and Eisbach has been emigrating much of its natural population growth for centuries. Most people live in an urbanised agglomeration centred on the relatively warm point facing directly away from Terisal.


Eisbach exports fossil petrochemical products, as well as other chemicals extracted from nearby Terisal. The only other income producing industry of note is tourism. Visitors spend small fortunes renting insulated cabins on the icecap for the magnificent view of Terisal hanging in the sky overhead.

Eisbach imports some food and manufactured goods, along with luxury items. The chief imports are heavy machinery and mining equipment, which Eisbach does not have a large enough population base to manufacture for itself economically.


Eisbach is administrated as a corporate state by a coalition of Wexhaul Petroleum and TGM (Terasil Gas Mines). These companies control virtually all of their relavant industries and employ the majority of Eisbach's residents. Some smaller competitors have been set up to avoid monopoly situations, but in practice these have little influence on the governing of the planet.

As a corporate state, Eisbach policy is decided by the board members. Most residents are shareholders, however, so have a say in who gets elected to, or dismissed from, the boards. The result is similar to a representative democracy, but in which richer citizens have more say.

Society is capitalistic and well-regulated by the companies. Personal weaponry is carefully controlled and limited. Despite the rigid laws, for the most part people are satisfied with their lot. However there are gaping cracks in welfare and poor jobless form a growing social and criminal problem.

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