The Planet


Chikrel is an uninhabited world, located 7.965 parsecs from Earth. It is large for a terrestrial planet, and has a significantly higher gravity than Earth. The atmosphere is a thick, choking blanket of carbon dioxide, requiring airmasks to allow humans to breathe. Chikrel's sun is the M0 V star Barnok.

Chikrel is a temperate world, with a rugged landscape of plains punctuated by many hills and mountain ranges. Rivers of water, effeverscent with dissolved carbon dioxide, flow over much of the surface to small seas which evaporate quickly, cycling water back to the rivers.


Chikrel's native life is restricted to photosynthesising lichen-like growths which cover much of the rocky surface, plus small fungus-like organisms which feed on dead and decaying lichens. An unremarkable microbiota rounds out the fauna.


Chikrel was once home to a Precursor outpost, and there are several ruin sites on the surface. There have been few archaeological expeditions however, due to the hostile nature of the atmosphere and the apparent limited use of the planet by the Precursors. Richer sites on far more hospitable worlds are easily available.


Chikrel is an unclaimed world, ignored for the most part by the human community and present only in the consciousness of a few xeno-archaeologists through the occasional mention in the professional scientific journals.
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