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Bollux is a relatively old human colony world, located 17.744 parsecs from Earth. It is a small, hot, dry world, with a thin Earth-like atmosphere and significant deposits of gems and crystals. Bollux's sun is the G2 IV star Canaris.


Like most inhabited planets, Bollux has a complement of unicellular microbes which produce the oxygen content of the atmosphere. These organisms are completely harmless. No other native life exists.

Humans have imported many desert species from Earth, establishing a sparse wild population of hardy plants and animals. Agriculture and farm animals are mostly restricted to climate controlled interior environments, but recent genetic engineering efforts have led to an expansion of agriculture into the unprotected environment.

Some insectoid animals from the Chatka homeworld have also been imported and survive well in the similar conditions.


Bollux houses roughly 630 million humans and a handful of aliens. Some groups of a few hundred Chatka wander the deserts of this adopted home world in a nomadic lifestyle. Most humans live in or near the major city of Justin. The rest of the planet is essentially uninhabited.


Bollux is known throughout human space as the source of a wide variety of gemstones, particularly emeralds. The Green Hills not far from the main city of Justin provide a popular, if harsh, destination for prospectors and fossickers. Emeralds and other gems, as well as fine crystals such as quartz, form a major export industry.

The other major stimulant to Bollux's economy comes not from resources but location. The planet's position as one of the few inhabited worlds close to Earth on the Galactic western side makes it an ideal waypoint and trading station for goods being carried to and from other worlds in that direction. The "Bazaars of Bollux" are well known as places to pick up a bargain, or to get ripped off.

Bollux itself absorbs some of the luxury products which pass through its ports, as well as significant quantities of food and other organic products, and metals.


Bollux is run by a corporatised Board of Directors in Justin, who operate the planet's economy as a trading post. Several other corporations have headquarters or major bases on Bollux, the main one being Mydar Mining Corporation.

Since the planet is governed as a business, control in corporate areas is rather tight and citizens are subject to numerous laws and regulations, though the Board is not repressive on social and human rights issues. With taxes on trade raising plenty of profit, personal taxes are surprisingly light.

Outside corporate areas, such as in the suburbs around the spaceports, or anywhere in the vast wilderness, law enforcement is extremely lax and money talks loudly. Tourists are advised to stay in reputable hotels in Justin, or watch their steps very carefully.

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