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Arawne is an old human colony world, located 5.900 parsecs from Earth. It is a large silicate world, rich in organic compounds but very metal-poor. Gravity and atmosphere are similar to Earth. Arawne's sun is the G6 V star Delta Pavonis, visible from Earth in the constellation Pavo.

Arawne is a temperate to tropical planet, with 62% water cover and a pleasant climate worldwide.


Arawne's native life consists only of microorganisms and photosynthetic "algal mats" (actually colonies of single celled organisms) which coat wet surfaces with yellow-brown slime. None of these are harmful to other life forms.

An extensive Earth flora and fauna have been imported and make much of the planet appear very earthlike. Forests and jungles in particular thrive with life over much of the land surface.


Arawne has a population of 6.7 billion humans and over a million aliens. It is a very pleasant place to live. Urbanisation is mostly restricted to cultural and economic service centres, with most residents living in small townships or isolated properties and commuting or telecommuting to work.


Arawne produces plenty of food for itself and export to its colony of Kariba, with some local delicacies left over for export elsewhere. It also exports silicates and organics, including sophisticated biocomputer technology and conventional semiconductor electronics.

Arawne is more well known as a tourist destination however. Even with a huge population, there are large areas of wilderness. Spectacular landforms combined with wild animals now difficult to observe on their native Earth make the planet a prime holiday spot.

The one thing Arawne lacks is natural supplies of most metals. It imports most of these from nearby Kariba, in exchange for food and other organic goods.


Arawne is governed by a representative democracy, which includes representatives from the nearby world of Kariba. The two planets are under the rule of a single government, based on Arawne. Arawne sees Kariba as a dependent colony, which in many ways it is. Where Karibans see Arawne as an unresponsive master, Arawnians see Kariba as a quaint territory which makes them superior to most other worlds because they own twice as many planets.

Taxes on Arawne are light and society is generally tolerant and enlightened. Crime is rare, perhaps because there are very strict controls on weaponry. Visitors with weapons are required to leave them at government storage facilities for the term of their visit.

Arawne mounts an impressive space fleet, dedicated to defending their quite desirable combination of a beautiful, organic-rich world with the mineral resources of Kariba. The fleet occasionally pushes the limits of diplomacy with nearby worlds, but has never openly attacked any of them.

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