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This is a clean, modern, walk-in sit-down or takeaway Asian noodle place. You order at the counter, picking a type of noodle (rice, egg, or hokkein), sauce (Malay, Chinese, or Thai), and other stuff (beef, chicken, tofu, vegetarian, etc), which they then mix together and cook to order. There's also a handful of specialty dishes, like Singapore Noodles and Pad Thai, as well as some entrees like satay chicken sticks and fresh spring rolls. All of it's good - I especially like the spring rolls and the pad thai.

Unusually for a casual takeaway joint, they are licensed to serve alcohol, though the list looks short. They also have a fridge with help-yourself soft drinks of a very nice brand. There are eat-in tables inside and outside. The servings are largish, and they're happy to pack your leftovers to reheat the next day, when they taste just as good.

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