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  • The Sushi Counter
  • Japanese
  • 64 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest
  • Phone: 9906 2222
This is one of the few sushi places in Crows Nest to offer more than a token kappa-maki for vegetarians, with a really nice, freshly made vegetable roll containing a selection of ingredients. All the sushi is made to order - none of the pre-made stuff lying around on plates or in plastic boxes. For a starter while you wait, try the spinach salad with sesame dressing, which has an interesting nutty flavour, and wash it down with some miso soup.

The Sushi Counter looks a bit intimidating from the outside, with its gleaming bright interior and spotlessly clean Japanese decor, but don't let that put you off. This place has mixed reviews on other web sites, with some saying the service is unfriendly and terrible, but we've never had any such problems here.

Besides sushi, there are sashimi plates and cooked dishes, ranging from don-katsu to tempura. The tempura is decent, but I've had better, and the serving size is just a bit too small. Stick to the sushi, which is probably the best thing here and certainly one of the best in the area.

They also run a catering service for business lunches, parties, and the like, packing interesting and delicious bento boxes for pick-up. If you're after this sort of service, this place is great.

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