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  • Shehnai
  • Indian
  • 479 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest
  • Phone: 9436 3453
Shehnai is a little bit out of the main Crows Nest restaurant strip, but well worth a visit. Probably the first thing you notice is the giant painting of the Taj Mahal decorating the entire rear wall - this and the rest of the decor certainly let you know you're in an Indian restaurant.

They offer all the usual dishes we've come to know and love, and will take orders for mild, medium, or hot versions depending on your spice tolerance. For starters, the onion bhajis are very good, being a large and well-spiced variety. The meat dishes are decent, though nothing stands out as particularly exceptional. The dhal here is a very mild, creamy type, which almost seems to have some cream mixed in, contrasting strongly with the fiery spiced version available over at Banjara. Vegetarians will also like the malai kofta, which are excellent here.

We dine in here occasionally, but more often call up for a take-away order. They deliver, and offer free rice with take-away orders, but in our experience they are a bit slow, and it's much faster to go pick up the meal yourself. Oddly, although we prefer Banjara to eat in, we get take-away from Shehnai more often - perhaps because the food stands up better to the plastic container experience.

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