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  • Red Centre
  • Modern Australian and Pizza.
  • 70 Alexander St, Crows Nest
  • Phone: 9906 4408
  • Take Away: 9901 3899
Chili pizza bread
Chili pizza bread
We used to live right next door to this place, and regularly got takeaway pizza there. It's a sort of gourmet pizza place and regular restaurant combined.

Eating in, Red Centre is very pleasant, with indoor and outdoor seating, on a wide pedestrian area between two buildings. The decor is based on an Aboriginal Australian theme, with wood carvings and traditionally styled wall paintings. It's not overdone though, and is tasteful rather than kitsch.

The menu contains several choices of creatively designed pizza, as well as a good selection of other dishes, and weekly specials which are usually worth a look. The garlic bread comes on a pizza base and is delicious, but the chili bread (pictured) is a true delight, smothered in sweet chili sauce and a blob of sour cream.

The pizzas are wood-fired, on a flat, crispy base, generously topped, and are very good. They've changed the pizza menu slightly a few times, and some of my old favourites have changed for the worse, but the Tex-Mex and Thai Chicken are still good. Barbecue Prawn used to be my favourite, but it's definitely changed and, although passable, is no longer the spectacular culinary wonder it used to be.

Apart from pizzas, I like the kangaroo striploin. If you've ever been curious about kangaroo and were not sure if you wanted to try it, give this one a try. It comes with garlic mashed potatoes, beetroot, and a riberry sauce.

For dessert, try the dessert pizzas if you have room. The apple one comes with cinnamon ice cream. Mmmmmm.

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