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  • New Orleans Cafe
  • Cajun
  • 6 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest
  • Phone: 9436 2596
New Orleans is on the corner of the five-way intersection between Willoughby Rd, the Pacific Highway, and Falcon St, which is really busy, so the atmosphere here is really buzzing. There are lots of outdoor tables on the footpath outside, but we try to grab an indoor table for protection from the elements and the traffic noise.

They have live jazz here on Thursday evenings, so the place gets rather packed, but you can generally find a spot most other times. Some people just drop in for coffee or whatever, but the meals are what make it worth coming here. The tables surround a big open bar/kitchen area, although the actual cooking stuff is a bit hidden. The place is decorated freely in New Orleans jazz and Mardi Gras paraphernalia, which gives it a jaunty feeling.

As you might guess from the name, New Orleans specialises in Cajun cooking. They make jambalaya and gumbo and other weird dishes with odd names using spicy sausages and seafood and stuff. There are other options like po' boy sandwiches and hamburgers, both of which are really good. We usually go here for the burgers, which come with a generous serve of hot chips. Add a touch of the Tabasco sauce which sits on every table, and it's truly a beef burger to make the mouth water. There's a vege burger option too, and a blackened cajun chicken version.

For afters they have a decent selection of cakes, with a nice sticky date pudding being a good choice. Or, of course, you could nip across the road to Bravo for gelato.

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