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Montezuma's is a brightly-decorated Mexican restaurant with a big fun factor. It opens early and is popular with parents and young kiddies. Maybe it gets serious later in the evening, but we usually go early to avoid the crowds and stuff our hungry faces as soon as we can.

The decor is bright and cheerful, with primary colours of red, green, and yellow in abundance, setting a Mexican theme with the help of papier mache parrots, piñatas, cacti, and vaguely Aztec-themed decorations. There are tables and booths - we usually go for a booth because it's more fun and you can play peekaboo with the kids.

Drinks are obtained by walking up to the bar, which seems pretty well stocked with stuff, and does a bunch of different things with tequila. They also do a sangria which is quite nice. Water is self-serve from the jug at the bar.

The food is distinctively Mexican, with variations of enchiladas, burritos, and tacos as mainstays, but some other dishes are interesting. The Montezuma's Delight is a huge mound of stuff piled on a tortilla, making eating it an exercise in exploration as much as gastronomy. The Mole Pablano is half a baked chicken, served on rice with the most wonderful rich deep brown sauce, with an intriguing spicy flavour. Most dishes are mild by default but can be spiced up to your desired hotness level by request. The servings are truly enormous, and everything is really, really good.

One warning: When the waiters say your plates are hot, heed their advice. The plates are really hot.

If there's one thing lacking, it's the dessert choice. There's a passable chocolate mousse, but if you're still able to move after eating, go to Bravo for gelato instead.

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