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  • Himalayan Char-Grill
  • Nepali
  • Shop 18, 103-111 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest
  • Phone: 9966 5540
One of several restaruants in a small shopping mall, this is our favourite place at this address. It's a small place that spills into the indoor courtyard adjacent to several other restaurants - most notably the teppanyaki grill next door that provides an intermittent stream of gasping customers and flames leaping to the ceiling. This area is busy and often full of children, with a real family atmosphere.

Himalayan provides authentic Nepali cuisine, and is decorated with colourful banners and impressive photographs of the Himalayas. The menu is fairly short, but the variety is good. For starters I recommend the spicy potato cakes, which come with a delicious sauce of chopped tomatoes and some spices I can''t identify. The vege salad is a tasy combination of greens with a hot sliced spicy lentil patty mixed in. The curries and char-grilled meats are good too, served with a basmati rice. The dhal sounds Indian, but is a rich and hearty mixture with tasty beans accompanying the lentils.

The atmosphere is very casual but the food is excellent and reasonably priced. Being a relatively underrepresented cuisine, it makes a nice change from the multiple other Asian eateries that can get repetitive sometimes.

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