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  • Borderland
  • Mexican
  • 97 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest
  • Phone: 9436 3918
I know this place well because its phone number is one digit off from ours, and we often get people calling up wanting to make table reservations. After this happened several times, we decided we should actually try it out. We've been here a couple of times now, and it's not too bad, but suffers from the inevitable comparisons to Montezuma's Mesa not far away.

The place is more open and airy than Montezuma's, with bright decorations of red, yellow, and green supporting the Mexican theme. The floor is wooden, so noise bounces around a bit, but that didn't bother us too much. The menu has all the things you would expect from a Mexican place. The one thing is has over Montezuma's is fajitas, which come with a selection of cooked vegetables and strips of chicken in a spicy sauce, for self-assembly into tortillas at your table. Delicious!

The enchiladas and burritos however, seem a bit flat compared to the large and tasty offerings at Borderland's rival.

It's decent Mexican with some quite good items on the menu, and if it was the only one in town we'd probably go here a lot more. But Montezuma's outshines it on several fronts, including being a bit more casual, which suits us. Perhaps if you wanted something a smidgen classier than casual you'd opt to go here instead.

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