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We love Indian food, and Banjara is our favourite Indian restaurant. So yeah, we go here a lot. Two different sets of owners and waiters have gotten to know us as familiar faces.

The decor is decent, and they have outdoor seating for those warm summer evenings. The menu has all the typical Indian favourites, but the real specialty is the dosais. These southern Indian pancakey things are big and crispy, and rolled around a stuffing variously composed of spiced potatoes or chicken masala. They're served with coconut chutney and sambar. I don't even like coconut, but I use the chutney sometimes. The sambar is hot and spicy, and delicious spooned over the dosai until it soaks through. You can have dosais as starters or mains - I usually get a big one.

The entrees are delicious, and once we had an entire meal made up just of the various entrees. The samosas are quite hot, and go well with the minted yoghurt. The veg dish of choice is the Dhal Makhni, which is a very hot version, so the mango lassis get a workout to cool the tongue off. Other dishes such as the Beef Banjara or Chicken Chettinadu are also excellent. Servings are generous and you could probably share two dishes among three people if you have an entree. Especially if you also go for the naan, which is fluffy and perfect for soaking up extra sauces that are too good to leave.

I'm not sure I've ever had dessert here. We're usually too full to contemplate that. I'm not even sure they have a dessert menu. If I'm really in the mood I head up to Bravo for gelato.

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