DM's Crows Nest Restaurant Reviews

I live a short walk away from one of the food havens of the southern hemisphere, the suburb of Crows Nest. I go there fairly often for meals, sampling lots of different food places, so I thought I'd compile my experiences. The rating system is explained below the listings.

The Listings

Willoughby RoadPacific Highway
East SideWest SideEast SideWest Side
6. New Orleans Cafe
14. Team Thai Takeaway
26. Crows Nest Bakery
38. Blue Elephant
46. Juanita's and Pancho's
46. Sea Treasure
48. Sentosa Restaurant
56. Indian Home Diner
58. Wok On Inn
64. The Sushi Counter
78. The Olive Tree
82. Bombay Heritage
88. 88 Chinese Seafood Restaurant
94. Sapporo
104. Nix Cafe
116. La Zarzuela
126. Ogalo
272. Montien Thai
1. Crows Nest Hotel
11. Baker's Delight
13. Five Star Gourmet Foods
23. Chooka's Charcoal Chicken
29. Michel's Patisserie
41. Deli Noodles
47. Tamana
49. Pino's Pizzeria
55. Wrapido
57. Banjara
67. Peter Pan's
69. Da Valentino
71. Crows Nest Pizzeria & Kebabs
79. Crowzone Cafe
77. Argy's Eatery
85. Michael's Ocean Food Cafe
87. Phuong
97. Borderland
103-111. Dolce Vita
103-111. Himalayan Char-Grill
103-111. Jennss
103-111. Nilgiri's
103-111. Sukho Thai
103-111. Sukiyaki Bun-San
103-111. Sushi-go-Round
103-111. Ten Sun Noodle Bar
301. Fare Nosh
399. Aksorn Thai
407. Un Momento
417. Fuuki
479. Shehnai
242. Cafe Belle
242. La "Pizza" 242
258. Chon Mage
270. Ban Thip Thai
270. Ying's Seafood Restaurant
300. Thai Intra
302. Chai Garam
308. Yardhouse
314. Mario Brothers
318. Hot Basil
320. Mai Hoa
330. Bai Yok
332. Malabar
334. Indian Ocean
336. Sakana Ya
344. Mosquito Bar
382. E-UR-Do Korean Restaurant
538. Green Gournet
Falcon Street
North SideSouth Side
6-8. Bravo Trattoria
16. La Tavola
18A. Hana Japanese Teppan-Yaki
24. Lee's Fortuna Court
28. Falcon Nest
32. Azona's
32. Oyaji
98. Paradoxe Restaurant Francais
7. Fuji Sushi
7a. Cafe Louise
9-11. Thai Riffic
19. Viet Nouveau
(formerly Al Jazira)
43. Flower City Karaoke Restaurant
123. Thai Emerald
Alexander StreetBurlington Street
East SideWest SideNorth SideSouth Side
11. Golden Sun
17. La Goulue
45. Stuyvesant's House
51. Montezuma's Mesa
55. Green Gardens
48. Boris' Fine Foods
70. Rangoon Racquet Club
70. Red Centre
100. Peacock Gardens
118. La Grillade
2. Piar
6. Sabatini's
7. Xenos Cafe
Ernest Plaza
Gelato Messina

The Ratings


The snootiness of the eating establishment in question.
[Posh] Wear T-shirt and shorts, nobody cares.
[Posh][Posh] A bit more classy. Neat clothes, but nothing fancy. Staff are fairly normal.
[Posh][Posh][Posh] You feel underdressed in anything less than evening wear. Staff assume your chauffeur will be waiting to take you home.


The size of the portions. Forget quality, this is all about quantity! The more food on your plate, the better, I say.
[Nosh] "Excuse me, I asked for a main-meal sized serving, not an appetiser. Oh... this is the main size?"
[Nosh][Nosh] Decent serving sizes. Enough to satisfy.
[Nosh][Nosh][Nosh] Yeah! This is what it's about. Finish a meal here and you can't move.


The amount of alcohol available. I'm not a drinker, so I can't attest to the quality of the wine lists, but I can tell you how long they are!
[NoSlosh] Nada. You might be able to get a Coke.
[Slosh] BYO only.
[Slosh][Slosh] Some wine, maybe some beer.
[Slosh][Slosh][Slosh] The wine list is longer than the menu. Cocktails. French champagne that costs more per bottle than the GNP of several African nations. Local and imported beer. Port. Maybe even cognac.


The size of the bill at the end of the meal. (And the size of the heart attack when you see it.)
[Gosh!] Woohoo! You can eat here with spare change. Or the value-for-money is excellent.
[Gosh!][Gosh!] Price is reasonable for what you get. Won't require a second mortgage.
[Gosh!][Gosh!][Gosh!] Look out... Major credit card damage.

So How Good's The Food?

Pretty self-explanatory.
[NoGood] Not so good. Avoid this place.
[Good] Edible, but nothing special.
[Good][Good] Quite good. Consistent yumminess factor.
[Good][Good][Good] Really truly good. Some of the best food I've eaten.

DM Repeat Visit Rating

How often do I eat there?
[NoDM] I haven't tried this place yet.
[DM] Once or twice only. Either because it's nasty, or mega-expensive.
[DM][DM] Occasionally. A nice change from the regular haunts.
[DM][DM][DM] Regularly! Probably once every month or two. Maybe more.

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